Grilled Corn
Yield: No limit
Cook Time: 10-20 minutes
Tips: Choose white or yellow corn in husks (photo shows white corn).
Suggestion: Grill over hot coals alongside any grilling meat or fish.
white or yellow corn on the cob in husks (as many as you prefer)
Heat coals in barbeque grill until all coals are hot. Set grill for slow cooking (with charcoal grills, it's simply a matter of reducing the hole openings to a minimum).

Cut loose leaves off tops of corn, still leaving corn protected and covered by husk at tips. Place corn cobs on grill and cover. Check after about 5 minutes. If husks have turned brown on grilling sides, turn all corn cobs over to grill opposite sides. Cover again, and return in 5 more minutes to turn corn again. If you want to cook other items such as quick-cooking meat (chicken, steak, burgers, etc.), move all corn cobs to outer edges of grill to keep
warm and and make room over the coals for your meat. Corn will be ready to serve when your meat is done. If you are only cooking corn and do not intend to cook meat or other food, simply leave corn over grills with barbeque covered, and allow to cook for another 5 minutes.

Peel back husks on one portion of one corn cob and press to see if corn is done (corn should have a slight flexibility when pressed). If corn is still too firm, place over coals (with cover) for a few more minutes until corn reaches desired tenderness.

Shuck (peel) husks off corn cobs, removing any remaining strings. Cut stems and tips off cobs and top with butter, salt and pepper. Serve.